Our Physios

Usha Krishna-Gfeller

73 Suva Street, Suva City

The Director of the Clinic - Usha Krishna-Gfeller has been a Clinician since 1992. She is a graduate from Fiji School of Medicine and had many continuous studies since then. Usha loves being an Outpatient Physiotherapist but her special interest lies in Sports Physiotherapy and in Women’s...Read More

Chloe Kumar

73 Suva Street, Suva

Suva Office Manager. Chole graduated in 2018 from FNU. Has completed Internship at Physiotherapy Clinic ( Fiji) PTE Ltd and upon completion of internship she joined as Junior Physiotherapist. Currently she is physiotherapist in charge at Suva Clinic located at 73 Suva Street,...Read More

Rosalin Irene Reddy

Front Office Manager - Suva

She comes with expertise in managing medical practices. Has worked previously at some elite medical clinics. She is the heartbeat of the Physiotherapy Clinic. Call her for your...Read More

Elizabeth Swann

73 Suva Street, Suva

Intern Physiotherapist Suva Clinic Graduated with a Bachelors in Physiotherapy from FNU. She is an Intern physiotherapist currently at the clinic and will be promoted to Junior Physiotherapist in 2023. She is at 73 Suva Street Suva...Read More

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