This program is to help you relax. Each session should begin with “Getting Loose” and followed with Breathing Easy. It is best to use the relaxation program prior to commencing the warm up and then to use the warm up to achieve optimal level of arousal.

Getting Loose
Begin each session as follows

  • Loosen your clothing and remove your shoes
  • Lie down with a pillow under your head (on a bed or on the floor)
  • Lie flat on your back, feet about 12 to 18 inches apart and your arms at your sides
  • Go as limp as you can from head to foot
  • Let your shoulder blades go slightly flat
  • Waggle your feet
  • Settle in with your legs
  • Shake your arms gently, rolling the backs of your hands against the floor
  • Roll your head back and fourth

Now begin the “Getting Loose” exercise for each part of your body, as follows


  • Flex the muscle of your leg by raising it 6 to 10 inches above the floor Point your toes slightly back towards your head. Hold this position of tension for as long as you can, about 10 seconds or so, until you feel to begin the muscles start to tremble. Then, say to yourself ‘Leg, let go’. At this point, stop flexing it and let the leg drop. Let the leg rest for another 10 seconds or so, saying to yourself ‘I feel the tension flowing out of my leg…my leg feels relaxed, warm, heavy…completely relaxed’
  • Repeat the flex-let go- rest procedure for that leg.
  • Run for the entire procedure again for your right leg

Buttocks and Thighs

  • Tighten your buttock and thigh muscles, as tightly as you can. Hold them as long as you can – longer than 10 seconds – until you have to let go. Then release them, saying ‘Let go’, to yourself. Pause for 10 seconds or so and focus your attention on the relaxed feeling in those muscles, on the tension flowing out.
  • Repeat the exercise.


  • Do the same procedure twice for abdominal muscles.
  • Back and Neck
  • Arch your spine, tightening all along it from your tail bone to your neck, and finish it by telling it ‘Let go’
  • Repeat the exercise

Arms & Shoulders:

  • Imagine there is a bar suspended above you that you want to use to pull yourself up. Raise your hands, palms upward, above your chest. Grab the imaginary bar and clench your fist around it as hard as you can. Flex the muscles in your arms and shoulders. Hunch your shoulders up as tight as you can. Hold as long as possible and then say ‘Let go.’ Rest for 10 seconds or so, soaking up the warm, relaxed feelings, letting the tension flow out.
  • Repeat the exercise.


  • I tighten your muscles, clamping down on your back teeth. Say ‘Let go’ and relax.
  • Repeat the exercise


  • Tighten your facial muscle into a strong grimace. Say ‘Let go’. rest and focus on the relaxing feeling
  • Repeat the exercise.


  • Focus on the point on the ceiling. Without moving your head slowly roll your eyes as to the far as they will go, then to the centre, then to the left, then back to the centre.
  • Rub the palms of your hands together until you feel heat. Close your eyes and cover them with your hands. Let the heat warm them. Rest, and tell your eyes ‘Let go’ and feel the tension go out as you feel the warmth.

Entire Body

  • Clench your feet and fists. Pull your shoulders up. Tighten your jaw and face. Now simultaneously flex your entire body, arching yourself as much as you can form your heels to the back of your head. Hold it for as long as you can until you feel your body tremble. Then say ‘Let go’ and then just let yourself go…all the way, as much as you can.
  • Lie there and feel the tension drain away.
  • Get totally relaxed
  • Close your eyes. Let your attention wander slowly over each part of your body, form legs to face, as you did in the exercise. If any area seems to have some residual tension, tense it. Let you. Feel the tension draining out of you, but do not worry if there is still a little left. Keeping your eyes closed, stay in this relaxed state for the rest of the 10 minute session. Think of a very pleasant, peaceful place. Think of floating in a small boat on a peaceful lake with a soft breeze gently rocking you back and forth, back and forth. Alternatively, think of floating in space, lighter than air, weightless. Observe the pleasant, calm feelings. Tell yourself ’I am relaxed now’… My legs feel relaxed…my buttocks, thighs, and abdomen feel relaxed…My back arms, shoulders, jaws, face and eyes feel relaxed…The tension has been let go.’

Focus your relaxed feelings

Now begin to focus this relaxation on your event. Tell yourself ‘When I am running and I begin to feel tension gripping some muscles, I will be able to tell those muscles “Let go” saying “Let go” will recall the relaxed feelings I feel now and will release the tension from those muscles.’

After this is done proceed to BREATHING EASY.


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